Analysis Studio is a suite of server and client software that supports the work of analysts and investigators at all stages of the intelligence analysis cycle. Analysis Studio provides tools that accelerate teams through the process of acquiring, fusing, and analyzing data, and then help them to publish their intelligence products.

Analyst's Notebook is a locally installed, rich client that collects, manages, and organizes information. Charting information in Analyst's Notebook helps analysts and investigators to analyze networks visually, to uncover patterns and trends in increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

The Entity, Link, Properties (ELP) approach to modeling data ensures that representations of real-world objects, and how they relate to each other, can be easily seen on the chart surface. Users can add data to the chart manually by creating records, design specifications to import data automatically, or pull information from other database sources.

Analysis Studio builds on the capabilities of Analyst's Notebook by providing a shared chart store, the i2 Notebook web client, and the ability to connect to and search external data sources.

Analysis Studio component diagram

Charts can be uploaded to the Chart Store as easily as saving them to your own workstation. Everyone with authorization can access the latest charts and add to them, helping your team to collaborate effectively. i2 Analyze indexes uploaded charts so that users can search and filter large numbers of charts quickly.

When Analyst's Notebook is connected to an i2 Analyze server that includes the i2 Connect gateway, you can search external data sources for relevant information to add to your charts. The available data sources depend on the connectors and services that are configured in the system. Analyst's Notebook helps you to understand, configure, and run search queries against the external data sources that you have access to. The i2 Notebook web client can also search and visualize data from your connected external data sources.


The Analysis Studio support page contains links to release notes and support articles.