Sending chart items to the Map window

You can access Esri ArcGIS mapping directly from within Analyst's Notebook by sending chart items to the Map window.

Any chart item that you send to the Map window must have explicit or implied coordinates. There are different rules about how Esri can imply coordinates, depending on what kinds of chart items you send.

When an entity contains coordinates, Esri places it at that location in the Map window. Otherwise:

  • If an entity contains an address rather than coordinates, then you can use the geocoding service to generate coordinates for that address before you send the entity to the map.
  • If an entity contains no location information, but it is at the end of a link that does contain location information, then Esri assumes the entity location from the link data.
  • If an entity and its links contain no location information, then when you drag that entity onto the map, Esri assigns coordinates at the location where you drop it. Esri places these coordinates in Lat/Long attributes.

When a link contains coordinates for its ends, then Esri draws the link between those two locations on the map, and places its ends at those locations. If a link does not contain coordinates for its ends, then Esri draws the link between the locations that its ends define.

Note: For Esri to place ends on the map according to coordinate data in a link, the link must contain the coordinates for both of its ends. Esri ignores incomplete coordinate data.

If any rule results in multiple possible locations for an entity (or for the ends of a link), then Esri plots multiple entities or draws multiple links to resolve the ambiguity.

To send chart items to Esri:
  1. In the Map Chart Items task pane, from the Select Where Mapped Items are Sent list, select Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri.
  2. On the Options page, verify the settings for sending items to Esri.
  3. In the chart, select the entities and links that you want to map, and drag them from the chart to the Map window.
    Note: To send a link to Esri, you must also send its ends.
    Tip: If the selected chart items have coordinates, you can right-click one of them and select Map Chart Items > Send to Esri.
  4. Repeat the previous step to map further chart items.

The mapped items are displayed in the Sent Items page of the Map Chart Items task pane.

The map pans to show the selected chart items in the Map window. The chart layer displays the name of the Analyst's Notebook chart, and the number of chart items from that chart that are mapped.

If a problem occurs when you send chart items to the Map window, a warning message is displayed in the Sent Items page. You can try the following resolutions:

  • Select the warning in the Sent Items page. Selecting the warning highlights the corresponding chart item.
  • If the warning message is too long, hover over it to display a tooltip of the whole message.
  • Examine the location of an entity. Right-click the selected entity, and from the menu, select Edit Item Properties.
  • Check the way that Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri looks for location information in the Options page of the Map Chart Items task pane.