Selecting centrality measures

The Options page is used to select centrality measures and specify how the results are displayed.

To select a centrality measure and specify how results are displayed:
  1. Click the Analyze tab, and then in the Gain Insight group, click Social Network Analysis.
    The Social Network Analysis pane opens.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Select the centrality measure that you want to calculate.
    You can choose to calculate betweenness for entities and links, closeness, degree, and eigenvector, and take into account the direction of links. You can also carry out enhanced analysis and normalize your results
  4. Select how the results are displayed when calculations are complete.
    You can choose to show results and weightings as chart item attributes, and apply conditional formatting to them.
When the Options page is complete, use the Weightings page to set link weightings. Or use the Results page to calculate and analyze your results.