Palettes in i2 Analyze

You can create records using entities and links from a choice of user palettes, depending on your type of deployment.

Your i2 Analyze deployment might have access to data in the Information Store, external data through the i2 Connect gateway, or both. When you connect to the Information Store, you have a default user palette that contains the entity types and link types defined by your schema.

If the Insert from Palette pane is not visible, click the Home tab, and then click Insert from Palette. The Information Store palette is at the top of the palettes list in the entity section of the pane.

As well as the Information Store, you might have one or more connections to external data sources whose record types are not mapped to your Information Store schema. In the Insert from Palette pane, there is a palette for the Information Store and each of your unaligned connectors. When you create entities and links from these palettes, they are categorized as "Unaligned" in the record bar and cannot be uploaded.

You might be using a number of different aligned and unaligned connectors at the same time. In the Insert from Palette pane there is a palette for Information Store, an External palette for the gateway, and a palette for each connector. All aligned records can be uploaded, while unaligned records cannot.

If you are using the i2 Connect gateway only, you can see the External palette for the gateway in the palettes list. You can create new entities and links using the External palette but you cannot upload any records or the chart. You can save a local copy of your chart.

You can upload and share charts that contain unaligned records, however the records remain unaligned.