Configuring indicator formatting

Activity indicators can use shading and color information from the associated item. Color can help highlight areas of related activity.

When activity of interest is identified, you can show the color of the indicator to signify related events. Activity indicators can reflect the colors of entity frames, entity shading, and links.

For example, by adding frames of the same color to the people at a meeting, you can highlight other activity that they have in common.

To set the Activity View to reflect item color:
  1. Click the Analyze tab, and then in the Gain Insight group, click Activity View.
    The Activity View opens.
  2. At the top of the Activity View, click Formatting.
    The Formatting Options window opens.
  3. Select one or more of the following options:
    Show entity color Updates activity indicators to reflect the icon frame color, entity color, or entity shading color.
    Show link color Updates activity indicators to reflect the color of the link.
    Show link direction Indicates the link direction for activity information on directed links.
    Overlap indicator color Specify the color of the overlap indicator that is displayed when part of an activity's duration coincides with another.
  4. Optional: To use these settings for any new charts that you create, select Set as Default.
  5. Click OK.