Displaying icon frames

You can add a colored frame around the border of entities that are represented by icons, including the icons on theme lines. If a picture is displayed on the entity instead of an icon, the frame is added to the picture in the same way.

Circular frames are created around icons and theme line icons; square or rectangular frames are created around pictures. Frames can be used to draw attention to key entities. Frames can highlight groups of entities and change the appearance of entities that are selected by using analysis tools such as filtering or Social Network Analysis. Frames can also indicate entities with shared attributes as a result of applying conditional formatting.
To add an icon frame to your selection:
  1. Right-click an item, and select Edit Item Properties.
    The Edit window is shown.
  2. Select Style > Frame.
  3. Select Display a Frame. The Preview area contains an example of how the framed icon looks on the chart. The frame that is created is shaded blue with a margin width of two.
  4. To change the color, select a color from the Color bar.
  5. To change the width of the frame around the icon, select an option from the Margin bar.
  6. Optional: Select Set Default Style to use the current settings as the default for the entity representation.
  7. When you are happy with the icon frame that is shown in the Preview area, click OK
    Tip: To remove an icon frame from the selected entity, clear the Display a Frame check box and click OK.