Chart items

A chart item is a graphical piece of information placed on the chart. There are two main sorts of chart items, entities and links.


An entity is a visual representation of a piece of information. Entities can be used to represent a wide variety of real-world data that occur in your investigations such as people, objects, locations, events, documents and accounts.

Icon Used to represent a person, object, or place.
Theme Line Represents one of the key elements of the investigation, for example a victim, witness, suspect, or location. Theme lines provide a common thread, typically to connect a sequence of events over time.
Event Frame Used for a significant occurrence or instance, often at a specific date and time.
Circle Any piece of information. Often used for annotation.
Box Used to represent organizations or groups of other entities.
Text Block Any piece of information. Often used for annotation.
OLE Object An object created with another application and incorporated into the chart, for example a spreadsheet, word-processor document, or graphic file.
Label Text used to annotate the chart.


A link is a line between two entities that represents a relationship between them. They can have direction, for example, to show the flow of transactions. They can also have no direction to represent a general association. The line style can be used to reflect the confidence in the relationship.

Links are categorized into types.


All chart items can contain attributes that contain additional information.

An attribute is a marker that is placed below entities or links to indicate additional information or common features. For example, attributes might be used to display the nationality of people on the chart, or the color of vehicles. Symbols can be used to indicate a characteristic, and textual or numeric values.
Analysis attributes
Analysis attributes are another category of attribute. They are never displayed on your chart and are only used for searching and other analysis. They are listed on the Analysis page of the Chart Item Properties window.
Automatic attributes
Some attributes are generated automatically by Analyst's Notebook. They appear in the attribute classes list with a yellow background and can be displayed on the chart. Selection sets are examples of this type of attribute.