Upgrading the ETL toolkit

If your deployment of i2 Analyze uses the ETL toolkit, you must upgrade the ETL toolkit to version 4.4.2 separately from the rest of the deployment. To upgrade the ETL toolkit, you must remove the existing version and replace it with the one that is deployed with version 4.4.2 of the i2® Analyze toolkit.

Before you begin

You must upgrade your deployment to version 4.4.2 before you can upgrade your ETL toolkit.


  1. If you modified the connection properties of your ETL toolkit to connect to a remote instance of Db2®, make a backup of the properties file. Navigate to the etltoolkit\classes directory of your ETL toolkit, and copy the Connection.properties file to a location outside of the etltoolkit directory.
    You can now remove the previous ETL toolkit.
  2. After you upgrade your deployment, deploy the ETL toolkit from the upgraded i2 Analyze toolkit at version 4.4.2.
    For more information about deploying the ETL toolkit, see Deploying the ETL toolkit.
  3. Update the Connection.properties file in the new ETL toolkit with the db.installation.dir property and value from the backup Connection.properties file from your previous ETL toolkit.


The ETL toolkit is upgraded to version 4.4.2 and ready for use by your ETL logic to modify the Information Store.