Information Store data deletion

i2 Analyze supports several different mechanisms for creating records in the Information Store. It also supports different mechanisms for deleting them. This documentation describes how to delete records individually, selectively, or in bulk; and it describes the circumstances in which each approach is possible or desirable.

This guide is intended for system implementers and database administrators who want to delete data directly from the Information Store. It applies to data added by ingestion from one or more external data sources, and to data added by users who share information through i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium.

Note: For more information about adding data by ingestion, see Information Store data ingestion. For more information about adding data through i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium, see Uploading records to the Information Store.

The tasks that the following topics describe variously require familiarity with the i2 Analyze data model, your database management systems, SQL queries, and IBM Data Studio or SQL Server Management Studio. Some of the approaches also require specialized authorization with the Information Store.