i2 Analyze Server Admin Console

The i2 Analyze Server Admin Console enables you to reload the gateway, preview configured services on the gateway, and configure type conversion mappings from a web browser.

To access the admin console, the user that you log in as must be a member of a user group that has the i2:Administrator command access control permission.

Verify that your user is an administrator

Check that your user has the i2:Administrator command access control permission when using the example deployment:

  1. Check that the Administrator user group in the example-command-access-control.xml file in toolkit\configuration\fragments\opal-services\WEB-INF\classes has the i2:Administrator permission:

    <CommandAccessPermissions UserGroup="Administrator">
       <Permission Value="i2:Administrator" />
  2. Check that your user belongs to the Administrator group in the user.registry.xml file in i2analyze\deploy\wlp\usr\shared\config.

    For example, if the name of the user is "Jenny", you should have the following:

    <group name="Administrator">
       <member name="Jenny"/>

    If this setting does not exist, add your user to the Administrator user group to reflect the snippet above.

Deploy with changes

If you made changes to the example-command-access-control.xml file above, redeploy and restart the Liberty server.

setup -t deployLiberty
setup -t startLiberty

Check access to the admin console

In a web browser, go to <i2-Analyze-URL>/admin and check that you can access the admin console using your login details. Here, <i2-Analyze-URL> is the URL used to access your i2 Analyze deployment. For example, this might be http://localhost:9082/opaldaod/admin.

More information

For more information about command access control, see Controlling access to features.