The data and security models that i2 Analyze provides are a constant in all deployments. Its other features are due to components that you can choose to deploy according to your requirements and the terms of your license.

i2 Group provides i2 Analyze as a part of other offerings. For example, i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium and i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis. These offerings entitle you to deploy different components of i2 Analyze.

  • For any of the offerings, you can deploy i2 Analyze with the Chart Store, so that users can store and share their charts securely.
  • You can also deploy i2 Analyze with the i2 Connect gateway, which allows you to develop and deploy connectors to data sources outside your organization.
  • For Enterprise Insight Analysis only, you can also deploy the Information Store, in which users can retain, process, and analyze intelligence data.