Upgrade paths

To upgrade a deployment of i2 Analyze, you must first upgrade the deployment toolkit that you are using. You then use this upgraded toolkit to upgrade your deployment. The version of your current deployment determines exactly which path to follow.

  • If you are upgrading from i2 Analyze or earlier, you must first upgrade your deployment to a supported version before upgrading to this release. The earliest supported version from which to upgrade to this release is

    For further information on changes to supported versions, see Configuration and database changes.

  • If you are upgrading i2 Analyze version or later, complete the instructions in Upgrading to i2 Analyze 4.4.1.

Note: From i2 Analyze version 4.3.3, the Analysis Repository, Intelligence Portal, and Onyx services are no longer supported. Deployments that contain an Analysis Repository should migrate data into another repository.

Software prerequisites

If you are upgrading a deployment of i2 Analyze 4.3.3 or earlier that uses SQL Server for the Information Store database, you must install a later version of the ODBC Driver SQL Server and sqlcmd utility. For more information, see Software prerequisites.

As part of the i2 Analyze upgrade process, Open Liberty, Solr, ZooKeeper, and Java are updated. You do not need to download and update these prerequisites before you upgrade an existing deployment.