Release notes - i2 iBase 9.1.2

A high level overview of the release, listing new features, the system requirements and any known issues.

The following changes are being made at this release:

If your current iBase system contains custom iBase plug-ins that are written in Visual Basic 6, these plug-ins require porting to C# (or another .Net Language) to maintain compatibility.

Release Highlights

The following enhancements are included:
  • Performance improvements when using Visual Query.
  • The Chart Item Extractor for i2 iBase now provides an optional setting when extracting chart items to prevent the creation of duplicate entities.
  • Support for Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.2.
The following reported problems are fixed in this release:
  • Adding entity with same name as Analyst's Notebook entity returns a Permissions error. [DT00132]
  • Typo "Dizabling" in the English TRN file. [DT00167]
  • Visual Query in iBase 9.1.1 gives 'System.OutOfMemoryException' error. [DT00150]
  • iBase Query 'Day Is', 'Month Is' and 'Year Is' criteria not working correctly. [DT00157]
  • Saved iBase Query using 'Month is'/'Year is' returns no results after upgrade from 9.1.0 to 9.1.1. [DT00158]
  • iBase Query is invalid when adding parenthesis. [DT00161]
  • Value field does not retain values in the iBase Query dialog. [DT00163]
  • Query exception when clicking on a Value cell. [DT00162]
  • Audit log data location incorrect in the iBase network permissions documentation. [DT00146]
  • Intermittent login failure with 'Failed to open the security file; ensure it is not read-only' message. [DT00143]
  • Filter results Context menu is not available. [DT00145]
  • InList operator has reduced capacity in iBase 9.1.1. [DT00151]
  • .xlsx files fail to index after upgrade to iBase 9.1.0. [DT00127]
  • Find results area is too small when opened and resizing is not remembered. [DT00071]
  • The "Audit Entry Detail" in iBase 9.0.5 is greyed out. [DT00078]
  • The entity strength field is not working. [DT00081]
  • Foreign language installations of iBase 9.1.0 revert to the English user interface if the installation is modified. [DT00094]
  • Unhandled exception when saving a record if a mandatory field is present that the user cannot access. [DT00101]
  • "Object reference not set" error in datasheets with blank tabs and date fields. [DT00118]
  • NullReferenceException in iBase "Find" when switching Entities with a date field first. [DT00120]
  • Reference of an "Object not set" error when using the field Confidence. [DT00128]
  • Embedded jpegs cannot be viewed. [DT00129]
  • RecordDeleted dialog required multiple clicks. [DT00134]
  • Calculated fields no longer displayed if values use currency. [PO09593]
  • Fixed application role issue. [PO09634]
Updated documentation:

System Requirements

The following system requirements should be used to ensure that the setup you are running is fully supported. Ensure that existing deployments are upgraded to currently supported versions of all the software required.

Operating systems

To run i2 products, you must ensure that you are using a supported operating system.

Operating System iBase Clients Database Server Notes
Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2
Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Windows 11 Enterprise 21H2
Windows 11 Pro 21H2
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 Pro
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2022 Essentials Edition
Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2019 Essentials Edition
Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2016 Essentials Edition
Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition
i2 iBase is supported on hardware virtualization environments that run any of the listed operating systems. When you run in a virtual environment, any issues that can be replicated in a supported operating system will be addressed using the standard i2 support policy.


To run i2 products, you must ensure that your environment includes the listed prerequisite software. In addition you may need to install companion software to enhance your work flow.

Release contents

The following components are available for use within iBase.

Program Feature Description
i2 iBase Designer Design and administer iBase databases and security files.
i2 iBase Database Replication Use SQL Server merge replication to enable distributed use of iBase.
i2 iBase Geographic Information Systems Interfaces Interface with Geographic Information Systems products (excluding Google Earth, which is provided by a plug-in to Analyst's Notebook).
i2 iBase Plate Analysis Manage and analyze ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) data that is stored in an iBase database.

Co-packaged software

i2 iBase 9.1.2 is included as a part of i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis 2.5.1 and Analysis Hub Dec.2022
iBase Database Replication is licensed as a part of i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis and Analysis Hub.

Compatible companion products

i2 iBase 9.1.2 is compatible with:
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook 9.4.0
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium 9.4.1
  • i2 iBridge 9.4.0
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri 9.4.0


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Future Fix Packs
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and Future Fix Packs
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and Future Fix Packs
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and Future Fix Packs
iBase 9 supports Microsoft SQL Server databases on Linux servers.
Development Tools
Required for both clients and servers:
Minimum version
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 4.7.2
Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012 Native Client QFE

Supported software

Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office 2016 and future fix packs
  • Microsoft Office 2019 and future fix packs
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise and future fix packs
You should use the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office when i2 iBase and i2 Analyst's Notebook are installed on the same machine. For more information on Microsoft Office 64-bit compatibility, see this article on the i2 Group Support site.
Geographic Information Systems
i2® iBase Geographic Information System Interfaces comprises interfaces to the following Geographic Information System products.
GIS product Supported versions
Esri ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4.1, 10.5.1, 10.6.0, 10.8.0, 10.8.1 and 10.8.2
Precisely MapInfo Professional 15, 16, 17, 2019 and 2021 including 32-bit and 64-bit versions where applicable
Northgate Public Services XD 2.7.1, 2.7.2*
* Interface component provided directly by NEC Software Solutions (formerly Northgate Public Services)
iBase includes the optional Coordinate Extensions feature. The feature uses GEOTRANS v2.4, a product of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and US Army Engineering Research and Development Center. Use of GEOTRANS with iBase does not indicate endorsement or approval of iBase by the Secretary of Defense or the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.


To run iBase, you must ensure that the hardware you are installing onto meets the minimal system requirements. Depending on your environment you may wish to increase these values to improve system performance.

When you are considering your system requirements, ensure that you take the following into account:
  • If you are planning to install the iBase GIS Interfaces, check the system requirements for any GIS applications you use as these applications may exceed the requirements that are given for iBase. Check with the GIS manufacturer for details of their own system requirements.
  • For large databases, the performance depends on the amount of memory on each client that is using the database, and not just on the file server that is hosting the database file.
iBase Desktop clients
Disk space
At least 1 GB free disk space for installation plus space to store data. This figure does not include disk space that is required for prerequisites. Total disk space requirements depend on number of i2 products to be installed.
  • Minimum - 1280 x1024 high color 16 bit capable graphics card and color monitor
  • Recommended - 1920 x 1080 high color 16 bit capable graphics card and color monitor
  • Minimum - 512MB
  • Recommended - 2GB
Network connection
iBase is a client-server application and it requires a continuous, reliable and low latency network connection between the client (iBase application) and the server (SQL Server database instance).
Database server

The overall success of iBase is dependent on using a suitable server machine to run the SQL Server instance. The volume of data, the number of clients, and the type of analysis work combines to determine the specification of the server machine. For example, iBase systems that use Search 360, Alerting, and Audit History make greater demands on your server.

Language support

iBase is developed in US English. It is supported on a number of different operating system locales, and translated into a specified language set.

Operating system support

i2 supports this product on the following regional versions of the supported operating systems:
Language Group/Language Language Collection Support Status
Western Europe and USA Basic Supported
Central Europe Basic Supported
Baltic Basic Supported
Cyrillic Basic Supported
Turkic Basic Supported
Arabic Complex Script Supported
Japanese East Asian Supported
Korean East Asian Supported
Traditional Chinese East Asian Supported
Simplified Chinese East Asian Supported
Thai Complex Script Unsupported
Vietnamese Complex Script Unsupported
Greek Basic Unsupported
Hebrew Complex Script Unsupported
Indic Complex Script Unsupported
Georgian Complex Script Unsupported
Armenian Complex Script Unsupported
Dhivehi Complex Script Unsupported
Galician Complex Script Unsupported
Gujararti Complex Script Unsupported
Kannada Complex Script Unsupported
Krgyz Complex Script Unsupported
Mongolian (Cyrillic) Complex Script Unsupported
Punjabi Complex Script Unsupported
Syriac Complex Script Unsupported
Telagu Complex Script Unsupported

Data support

i2 products support unicode data.


iBase is available in the following supported languages:
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Known Issues

The following issues are currently reported:

  • Queries must be saved before they can be added to the chart, when using the iBase plug-in inside Analyst's Notebook.
  • Limited functionality when using Esri ArcGIS through the Analyst’s Notebook chart surface.
  • Unexpected results display when querying on calculated date part week.
  • Index out of range - adding coordinates to a datasheet with the latitude and longitude fields reversed. [DT00083]
  • Unable to navigate using the tab key for Scored Matching. [DT00079]
  • 'No values have been set for security classification' error even if one is entered. [DT00072]
  • Link Integrity Checker throws error 'class does not support automation'. [DT00068]
  • iBase Link Integrity Checker does not work if only one link type. [DT00066]
  • iBase 9.x audit viewer performance. [DT00063]
  • Audit Viewer throws error opening SQL Server archives. [DT00062]
  • How to find missing indexes if the schema integrity check tool does not report them. [DT00060]
  • Permission denied when trying to run an export specification. [DT00053]
  • Datasheet for linked records no longer scrolls. [DT00050]
  • Right-click doesn't work when datasheet is in edit mode. [DT00049]
  • Can only use 'all records' when creating a linked report (record/query/set don't work). [DT00047]
  • When creating a new record, the cursor is not automatically positioned in the first field. [DT00046]
  • Spaces at front of words are not trimmed so Find doesn't work. [DT00045]
  • Close all but this (tab) leaves open the wrong tab. [DT00044]
  • Error creating linked entities in datasheets that contain short dates. [DT00041]
  • "You cannot connect to the database via this security file…" using mapped drives. [DT00039]
  • No warning when trying to create a link in Analyst's Notebook between two iBase items which are invalid end types for that link type. [DT00036]
  • Find dialog in Analyst's Notebook, results list should have focus following find to allow arrow keys can be used to select a record. [DT00013]
  • Find dialog in Analyst's Notebook not adding selected result to chart when the Enter key is pressed. [DT00012]
  • Find dialog with Multi-Line (Append only) field should not display User and datetime when you type in the field. [DT00011]
  • Scheduler configuration tool is unable to create task with a different path to the *.ids. [DT00008]
  • Buttons disappear when resizing a dialog. [DT00006]
  • PNG Transparency issues between iBase and Analyst's Notebook. [DT00005]
  • Using an icon with a name longer than 50 characters causes an error. [DT00003]
  • Some actions in iBase User are creating two logs rather than one. [PO09717]
  • Schema update failure] duplicate primary key for code list. [PO09712]
  • Unable to import more than 65000 characters into a multi-line text field. [PO09711]
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object when changing the charting settings in Analyst's Notebook. [PO09710]
  • Searching for matching records with large amounts of NULL Values in discriminator records is causing performance issues. [PO09704]
  • Unable to create multiple links by dragging and dropping from a browse definition. [PO09699]
  • Audit Viewer *.idb listed in the status bar after closing it. [PO09666]
  • Database open in iBase Designer issues still allows the scheduler to import data. [PO09665]
  • Being in multiple SCC groups prevents users being listed in alert definitions. [PO09662]
  • Datasheet link problems. [PO09657]
  • Link strength not saved in datasheets. [PO09656]
  • Unable to edit linked items in datasheet. [PO09653]
  • Changing the order of standard fields that using a template and a schema update is not always respected. [PO09648]
  • Editing browse definitions loses their assigned folder. [PO09637]
  • Default report definitions are not used. [PO09636]
  • Changes to selection behavior on records and datasheets. [PO09626]
  • Null does not equal Null import option. [PO09625]
  • Unrecognized default value with the windows date/time default set to YYYY-MM-DD. [PO09617]
  • Changing field focus on a linked item of a tabbed datasheet is detected as a change. [PO09618]
  • Drag and drop failing to link correctly in windowed mode. [PO09612]
  • Calculated dates cannot use the period as a separator. [PO09604]
  • Custom date and time formats are now case sensitive. [PO09602]
  • Long property field names are truncated in linked entities on a datasheet. [PO09587]
  • Hyperlinks in edit mode. [PO09588]
  • Show matching records button on import doesn't open the record. [PO09583]
  • Labelling scheme not appearing in the database explorer view. [PO09581]
  • Labelling scheme 'Labeling Scheme 1' does not exist. [PO09574]
  • Short-cut keys not working. [PO09565]
  • Field Attachment within a datasheet lost after saving record when using Analyst's Notebook Premium. [PO09554]
  • Open iBase database slow. [PO09539]
  • Switching between List view and Record view in a Datasheet resets the selected record. [PO09529]
  • Sorting column headers in Datasheets. [PO09528]
  • iBase report definitions cannot locate Word Templates. [PO09511]
  • Case error when using Find. [PO09506]
  • A scroll bar is displayed over the Hyperlink field when we type text, making it impossible to see what is input. [PO09503]
  • The button to arrange windows horizontally in a tile does not work correctly, and requires 2 clicks to function. [PO09500]
  • When closing iBase records/dialogs in windowed mode, the previously used window order is not always respectedAttachCreate subtaskLink issue. [PO09499]
  • Drag and drop failing to link correctly if you are using datasheets instead of the show dialog. [PO09453]
  • When using iBase not in its default 'tabbed' mode, i2 iBase Search 360 loads slower than in the tabbed mode and causes the screen to flicker. [PO09498]
  • Record dialogs should appear on top when focus is in a control. [PO09496]
  • Show multiple records dialog in Analyst's Notebook not working as it does in iBase User. [PO09442]
  • Search 360 results can longer be added to an ANB chart in bulk. [PO09438]
  • Error triggered when a comma delimiter used in field with a stored decimal value. [PO09437]
  • Selected from picklists no longer support autofill. [PO09432]
  • Copy in view mode for data entry not working. [PO09415]
  • The given key was not present in the dictionary. [PO09403]
  • Datasheet not showing Linked Records in Details View. [PO09402]
  • Can't undo after Expand. [PO09388]
  • Datasheets Selecting an option from the Link Strength dropdown possible when not in edit mode. [PO09633]
  • Merge Links should be integrated into the duplicate record checker. [PO09457]
  • MainFontSize registry parameter not working on iBase 9.0.x. [PO09364]
  • Charting schemes cannot be opened from the context menu options. [PO09347]
  • Plugin Manager] Overflow Error #6 FPluginManagerSave. [PO09312]
  • Labelling scheme caching. [PO09308]
  • Batch Delete, using set as the record source, fails when there are records you don't have permission to see in the set. [PO09305]
  • New batch import specifications are missing from database templates. [PO09296]
  • Datasheet 'selected from' lists not refining by sequential characters. [PO09274]
  • Setting a default icon to an invalid entry, sets the icon to unrecognised (circle) rather than reverting to the main icon set for the entity type. [PO09251]
  • iBase Importer shows # if there is a dot in the column header name of the import file. [PO09239]
  • Code list history not displaying in Audit Viewer or iBase Designer. [PO09232]
  • Parametrized query dialog displayed twice when query opened and executed in Analyst's Notebook. [PO09214]
  • Strange behaviour in the iBase Import Specs with Field Actions on Excel files. [PO09189]
  • iBase bulk import complains about append fields while they don't exist. [PO09183]
  • You have to to choose the case again before the entities are plotted to Analyst's Notebook. [PO09177]
  • Translation problems with iBase. [PO09111]
  • Polish version of Iconlist.txt is wrong. [PO09102]
  • Icon lists do not support accented characters for icon names. [PO09067]
  • iBase Designer will not allow me to open my database, 'You attempted to open a database that is already opened...' message is not displayed. [PO09053]
  • Cannot view pick list unless in edit mode. [PO09042]
  • Pick list sorting issue. [PO09022]
  • Alerting reports too many hits for records being monitored. [PO08869]
  • Alerting job never finishes. [PO08870]
  • Microsoft SQL Server Guest account seems to be used and be given privileges. [PO08787]
  • iBase crashes when working with reports and DEP is set to always on. [PO08566]
  • Link integrity checker does not restore link. [PO08524]
  • Link summary icon does not show icon shading. [PO08392]
  • iBase User and iBase Designer include the Data Dynamics Active Bar [PO07977]

In addition:

When the Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri is installed, Analyst's Notebook can fail to open when iBase items are charted

If items are sent from iBase to Analyst's Notebook with the Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri installed you might see the following error when Analyst's Notebook opens:

Automation error 
The remote procedure call failed. 
Error #-2147023170 occurred in: 
id5Error 5CANDBPlugIn:Commands(Get) 

To avoid this problem, ensure that Analyst's Notebook is open before sending items from iBase. [PO08589]