Troubleshooting upgrade

You can check the upgrade log for details of the steps carried out in the upgrade and any issues that were encountered. Any issues should be resolved before retrying the upgrade.

When an upgrade completes, your upgrade log is stored in the same location as the iBase database connection file (.idb). It contains information about the steps that were carried out, and any issues that were found in the upgrade process.

Rebuilding the Full Text Search Index

After an iBase database upgrade, iBase users may see the following error message when they try to rebuild the Full Text Search index:
File 'sysft_i2Catalog' cannot be reused until after the next BACKUP LOG operation.
To solve this problem:
  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right-click the iBase database, and select Tasks > Backup from the context menu.
  3. For Backup type, select Transaction log
  4. Perform the backup
After performing the backup, you can try again to rebuild the Full Text Search index.

Rolling back the upgrade

If the upgrade fails, to roll back the process:
  1. Restore all SQL Server iBase databases, iBase audit log databases, and iBase security file databases overwriting the partially upgraded databases.
  2. Restore all .ids, .idb, .idl and .idx files.

Locating connection files

The following list gives some reasons why you may not be able to locate connection files for all the databases on an SQL Server instance:
  • The MRU list on a machine has been cleared, so the database was not reported.
  • Searching the entire network for iBase databases is not feasible.
  • A machine was overlooked during the machine identification phase of the upgrade.
  • A machine that was used for iBase has been retired due to age or failure.
  • The database still resides on a SQL Server machine even though the database connection file (.idb) is no longer in use (and may have been deleted).
  • The original network share location for connecting files has been dropped or changed.
You can obtain the iBase version and location of the connection file for the iBase security file ordatabase by examining the contents of the _Configuration table. (An iBase log database does not contain this table because all its details can be obtained from its associated database connection file.)
The _Configuration table has two columns: Item and Data. Item contains the name of the entry, while Data contains the value for the entry. The following table details the value of the Item column for the relevant entries:
Security file Database
Security file location SQLServer:ConnectionFile SYS:SecurityFile
Database location Not applicable SQLServer:ConnectionFile
Version SYS:Version SYS:Version