Reporting on database security

The security design report provides details about the security groups, users, and their consequent permissions or restrictions that have been applied to the database. You can select the items you want to include in the report.

To view the details of the database security, you must be assigned the SecurityAdministrator role.
  1. In iBase User, Select File > Properties > Security Design Report.
  2. Select the types of details to include in the report:
    • Groups - For each security group that has been defined for the database, you can list:
      • Permissions and restrictions - What members of the group can access, and what they are explicitly prevented from doing (for example, editing read-only items).
      • Users - The users that are currently members of the group.
      • Denied SCC items - The types of entities or link that have restrictions in place, to prevent members of this group from accessing particular records.
    • Users - For each user that can access a database, you can list:
      • User Information - The information entered centrally about the specified user.
        Note: This report only uses information added in iBase Designer.
      • Groups - The groups the user is a current member of.
      • Permissions - The specific permissions for the user.
  3. Once you have generate the report you can:
    • Browse through the pages
    • Refresh the information it contains
    • Print the report
    • Export the report as a spreadsheet, a PDF, or a Microsoft Word document.