Importing from Microsoft Excel worksheets

You can import data from Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheets, one worksheet at a time. If you would like to import multiple files, or multiple worksheets from the same file, create multiple import specifications.

When you import from Microsoft Excel files, you must:
  • Format the worksheet consistently because iBase derives the formats for dates, times, and numbers from the worksheet.
  • The first row of the worksheet must contain the field names.
  • The last field of every row in a Microsoft Excel worksheet must be populated with data. If necessary, create a dummy column and populate every cell in that column - you can ignore this row later when you assign the source data to iBase fields.
  1. In the Source area on the first page of the import wizard, click Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and then click Next.
  2. Enter the path of the spreadsheet or browse for it. The worksheets are loaded alphabetically.
  3. Select the worksheet that you would like to use from the Sheet list.
    Note: If you change the names or the order of the worksheets, click Refresh to update the list of worksheets in the import wizard.
  4. Select the worksheet and then click Next to continue.