Identifying records and fields in your data

Depending on the source of the data that you are importing, the process of identifying record and field specific data is different. To successfully import data, you must ensure that the characters used to separate records and the fields that are contained are identified.

The way that information is separated within the original data, must be specified so that the values can be correctly mapped to field types in iBase. Depending on your source,, the steps to identify your data will differ.
To identify records in text files:
  1. In the File Name, specify the file path and name for the file that contains your data.
  2. To determine where to start the import, specify the record to start the import from, and whether the first record is a list of the field names.
  3. Select the characteristics of the text:
    Text Qualifier The Character to use tpo identify the start of the data to import.
    Auto Trim Trailing Spaces in Data Removes any spaces at the end of a field value.
    Record Delimiter The character that is used to split the data into separate records.
    Field Delimiter The character that is used to split the data in a record into different fields.
    Dates, Times & Numbers The formats used to store different numerical values within the data.