Configuring iBase

Welcome to the i2® iBase administration documentation, where you can find information about how to configure and administer i2 iBase.

To help you to perform administrative tasks you are provided with a number of administrative tools:
iBase Designer
iBase Designer is the primary tool for creating and maintaining databases. For more information, see Designing and administering databases.
Audit Viewer
You can use the Audit Viewer to view the audit entries for a database. The physical form and location of logs is different for security files, Microsoft Access databases, and SQL Server databases. For more information, see Creating a record of actions for your database.
Database Replication
For more information, see Replicating and synchronizing databases.
Search Indexer
Search 360 indexes are created and updated using the Search Indexer. For more information, see Setting up Search 360.
Database Configuration Utility
You use the Database Configuration utility (iBaseConfig) to manage SQL Server settings held in an iBase connection file (whether a security connection file or a database connection file). For more information, see Managing SQL Server Connection Settings.
Can be used to schedule import or export jobs at a regular time. For more information, see Scheduling imports and exports.