Setting Field Values for the Session

Your database designer may have added standard fields to all the entities and links in your database, these are fields that will be common such as weed date or source document reference. It is these standard fields that are used in conjunction with session defaults.

You can set a session default value for any standard field; this adds this same value to a specified field for each record added during a particular session, whether manually or when importing. For example, when you open the New Entity dialog, you see these fields' values already set to the default— you can override the default value if you wish.

You can also specify the default values for fields of the type Security Classification Code and for link strength.

Note: If you leave iBase and restart, session default values are reset to blank.

  1. In the Session Defaults dialog, click in the Value column for the row of the field you want to set.
  2. Enter or edit the default value, or select a value from the list.