Assigning fields to data

You can map data into field types in iBase records. To help with this mapping, you can use actions to manipulate your data into a consistent format.

  1. Click Auto Assign.
    This checks the source fields for matches with iBase field types for the specified record type, and automatically assigns any matches. If the matches made are all incorrect, you can use the clear option to remove all the assignments.
  2. Using the drop-downs in the iBase Field column, and using the Import Data column as a guide, ensure that the Source fields are mapped to the correct iBase fields.
  3. Optional: If the data needs manipulation before the mapping can be applied, select Field Actions to transform the source data into a different format.
    For more information, see Transforming source data.
  4. Use the Identifier checkbox to ensure that any fields are highlighted that can be used to identify unique records.