Changing the display of map items

You can configure whether map items display as icons or points and specify the labeling scheme. Each entity or link type can use different style and labeling settings.

You cannot change the style of associated links that are plotted as a result of turning on Display Links on the Entities page of the mapping configuration. This type of link is always plotted as a simple line.

To configure the display options for mapped items:
  1. Click the Entities or Links as Points tab, then click Plot Style.
  2. To configure the style of map items:
    1. Click the Style tab, and select either Point or Icon. The default is Icon.
      • Icon - To plot entities, and links plotted as points, that use the default iBase icon for the entity type. When you are plotting links as points, you need to select an icon from the list. Each link type can use a different icon.
      • Point - To use a symbol to plot entities and links.
    2. If you select Point, select the type of symbol and its color.
    3. Select a size for the icon or point from the Size list. The default is 15.
    Note: To enhance performance, mapping applications cache icon files on startup. Therefore, to view any newly configured icons the mapping application must be restarted.
  3. To configure the labeling of map items:
    1. Click Label, and from the Labeling scheme list, select the labeling scheme to use. The default is the iBase default labeling scheme.
    2. Select the type of label:
    • Standard label - To use the label style used within iBase.
    • Chart label - To use the label style that is defined for use in Analyst's Notebook.
    Note: By default labels are not displayed on the map. To turn on the display of labels, click the General tab in the mapping configuration and select Display Labels.