i2 Connect documentation

i2 Connect helps organizations to increase the efficiency of their investigation and intelligence analysis activities by enabling users to search any data source and bring results directly into the familiar i2 environment.

i2 Connect comprises i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium and a specially licensed edition of i2 Analyze that does not include the Information Store. Analysts can use Analyst's Notebook Premium to connect to i2 Analyze, query external sources for data, and add records containing that data to their charts.

To understand what i2 Analyze is, see Understanding i2 Analyze.

To understand what Analyst's Notebook Premium is, see Welcome to Analyst's Notebook Premium.

To install i2 Analyze, and any prerequisite software, complete the instructions in Installing i2 Analyze.

To install Analyst's Notebook Premium, complete the instructions in Installing Analyst's Notebook Premium.

To deploy the edition of i2 Analyze that i2 Connect contains, complete the instructions in Deploying i2 Analyze with the i2 Connect gateway.
A deployment of i2 Analyze from i2 Connect can query and retrieve data from external data sources. By implementing a connector to an external data source, you enable i2 Analyze to create records that represent the data in that source, and Analyst's Notebook Premium to analyze them. For more information, see Connecting to external sources.
To secure the connection between i2 Analyze and your connectors, you must configure your server and connectors to use TLS. In a production deployment, you should configure i2 Analyze to connect to your connector by using client authenticated TLS communication. For more information, see Securing connections between the i2 Connect gateway and data source connectors.

You can use the command access control feature to control which users can use a connector. Through user groups, you can prevent users from using querying external sources altogether, or you can restrict them to using only a subset of the deployed connectors. For more information, see Controlling access to features.

When Analyst's Notebook Premium is connected to an i2 Analyze server that includes the i2 Connect gateway, analysts can search external data sources for information to add to charts. The available data sources depend on the connectors and services that are configured in the system. For more information, see Searching external sources.