Running a parameterized query

Opening a query that supports parameters from the External Searches window in Analyst's Notebook is different from opening one that does not. Parameterized queries prompt you to enter search condition values before you run them, with the aim of producing more targeted results.

  1. Follow the general procedure for searching external sources as far as Step 4: Open the External Searches window, select a query, and click Open.
    When a parameterized query opens, the External Searches window gains a new tab that contains a Conditions view.

The Conditions view can be different for every query. Its appearance depends on how your system administrator configured it. The main area of the view contains fields where you provide the condition values that customize the query when it runs.

  1. Enter a value for every mandatory field, and as many of the other fields as you need.

    Mandatory fields are initially colored red, and change color to indicate that your entry meets the rules for the value. If your entry is not valid, a message beneath the field advises you what change you need to make.

  2. Click Run to start the query.

After the query runs, the tab in the External Searches window that has the Conditions view gains a Results view that contains the search results. From here, you can select results and copy them to the chart surface, or you can refine your search by filtering the results.

You can also switch between the Results view and the Conditions view by using the directional arrows on the information bar. In this way, you can rerun the query with modified parameters without returning to the Queries list.