Getting changes to records

To keep the chart copies of your records up to date, you can use the Get Changes function. You can get changes from the Information Store to individual records, to records in all the currently selected items, and to records brought together using the unite function. You cannot get changes to unaligned records.

When records are changed by other analysts and uploaded to the Information Store, your chart items might contain records that have been updated since you copied them to the chart. Using Get Changes ensures you are working with the latest version of a record. If a record on your chart is deleted from Information Store, your copy does not receive further updates. If your deployment contains both an Information Store and i2 Connect, you might be working with records on the chart that are not aligned to the Information Store schema. Unaligned records cannot be uploaded to the Information Store, and therefore are not updated when you use Get Changes.
  1. Select the chart items whose records you want to update.
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Share Records group, click Get Changes.
    The Get Changes window opens with a summary of the records that contain updated versions in the Information Store.
    Important: If you edited any of the records that have changes in the Information Store, the window provides the opportunity to copy information from those records to the clipboard. When you accept the changes, your edits are overwritten and you must reapply them afterward.
  3. To accept the changes, click Get Changes.

If you copied any of your edits to the clipboard, you can retrieve that information to make your changes again to the updated records in your chart.