Working with source references

Source references provide you with information about the origins of i2 Analyze records and connections to the sources of relevant data that is held in other locations.

Source references capture and preserve connections to data that persist throughout the lifecycle of the record. This is useful because you can easily locate information that is associated with the record. For example, you might want to know more about the spreadsheet from which the record was imported, or the witness statements connected with your investigation. You can view, create, modify, and delete source references on analyst governed i2 Analyze records. These are records created by Analysts in the Record Inspector or through an ad hoc import. When you upload records to the Information Store, other users with access can view or amend the source references. If source references are added to records when data is ingested into the Information Store, they are system governed. These records are displayed as read-only and you cannot edit them.

To work with the source references of an i2 Analyze record:
  1. Select the record and double-click to open the Record Inspector.
  2. Click the Details tab to display details about the record.
  3. In the Source references section, you can see any current source references. You can edit a source reference if the Actions buttonMenu button is available. You can also add a new source reference by clicking Add Add condition button and completing the form.
    1. Complete all mandatory fields. Fields that are not mandatory are displayed only if a value is entered.
    2. To edit a source reference, click Actions Menu button and click Edit.
    3. To delete a source reference, click ActionsMenu button and click Delete.
    4. To add a link to an image, paste the URL in the Image URL field.
      A thumbnail of the image is included in the source reference. You can click the thumbnail to open the image URL.

Upload the record to the Information Store.

Note: When you merge records or unite match sets, Notebook maintains source references by creating them on incoming records.