Editing record security

When you create a record, default security settings are automatically assigned so that you can upload that record to the Information Store. If you can edit the properties of a record, you can also edit the security dimension values that are assigned to it.

The following information about a record is available on the Details tab of the Record Inspector:
Details about the history of the record, such as who first uploaded the item and when. This information is provided so that you can track any changes that occur.
The security dimension values that apply to the record. The values that are specified in the Security section affect who has access to the record when it is uploaded to the Information Store. The default values that are assigned when you first create a record are controlled by your system administrator.
To edit the security settings of an i2 Analyze record, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that the record that you want to edit is displayed in the page view of the Record Inspector.
  2. Click the Details tab to display details about the record.
    In the Security section, you can see the current security dimension values for the record. If you can edit these values, Edit buttons and drop-down lists are visible.
  3. Select the security dimension that contains the values that you want to edit.
  4. Select the dimension values to apply to the record.
When you complete your edits, upload the affected records to the Information Store. For more information about uploading records, see Uploading records to the Information Store.