Get paths

You can discover if two entities on your chart are connected by finding the paths between them.

The Get Paths function in Analyst's Notebook finds connections in the Information Store between the lead records in two selected chart items.

  1. On the chart, select the two entities that you want to find a path for.
  2. Click the Home tab of the ribbon, and then in the Search Information Store group, click Get Paths.
  3. From the drop-down list, select the shortest path or paths with a maximum length up to 8 steps.
    Paths that meet your criteria are displayed on the chart.
    Note: You might see a message that the Information Store contains no paths that meet your criteria. This does not mean that no paths exist and you should try different maximum lengths to rule out connections. Be aware if paths exist that are greater than a maximum of 8, the Information Store returns no paths.