Chart and application settings

When you save a chart, either as a chart or as a template, many of the definitions, options, and settings are also saved.

Saved with the chart

The following are all saved with the chart:

  • All the settings in the Chart Properties window:
    • Display settings: chart background color, grid size, theme line wiring options
    • Behavior options: label paste and merge rules, blank link labels
    • Definitions: entity types, link types, attribute classes, attribute entries and their semantic type assignments, grading system, line strengths, and date and time formats
    • Time Bar display settings
  • All the default styles for each entity representation and for links
  • User palettes and their membership
  • The legend
  • Snapshots
  • Page setup settings
  • Whether entity types and attribute entries, or both are available in the palette bar
  • Display of the grid and page boundaries

Not saved with the chart (application settings)

The following settings are application settings. Application settings persist in Analyst's Notebook until changed, regardless of which chart is opened.

  • All the settings in the analysis tools:
    • Visual Search criteria
    • List Items Options settings
    • Find Linked and Find Path Setup options
    • Find Text criteria
    • List Cards Options settings
  • Layout settings, unless saved by using the Save Layout Setup to Chart command.
  • Zoom settings (for example, the last zoom level). The initial view of a chart is always fits the chart in the window.
  • Insert from Palette pane and Add Links pane set up
  • Keyboard shortcuts