Chart Reader

i2® Chart Reader provides read-only viewing of i2 Analyst's Notebook® charts. Charts can be distributed electronically by email, disk, or Internet/Intranet, and then viewed by the recipient with Chart Reader

Anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows applications can use Chart Reader, and Chart Reader is freely distributable according to the Software License Agreement.

The following types of chart files can be opened in Chart Reader:

  • i2® Analyst's Notebook Chart (*.anb)
  • i2 Analyst's Notebook Exchange Chart (*.anx).
  • i2 Text Chart Visualization (*.tcv).
Charts opened using Chart Reader are available in read-only format, and you cannot have more than one chart open at a time. It is not possible to:
  • Move chart items to a new location
  • Edit it or change in any way any of the information contained in the chart
  • Alter the appearance of chart items
If you want to work with the information displayed in Chart Reader, you can save the details as a new chart file and edit in the usual way.