Uploading charts in bulk

If you have a large number of charts to upload to the Chart Store for the first time, you can use Upload from Folder from the Publish tab. The operation can be resource-intensive, and so it is prudent to use it in line with the recommendations here.

In order to upload charts in bulk, you must be granted permission to do so. If you do not see the Upload from Folder button but think that you should, contact your system administrator.

When Analyst's Notebook uploads charts, it indexes their contents and generates images of them. The more charts there are, and the larger they are, the more significant the amount of processing becomes. Charts that contain images are especially demanding.

If you have a large number (hundreds or thousands) of charts to upload, and especially if some of those charts have the characteristics above, i2 recommends uploading in batches rather than all at once.

  1. In the ribbon, on the Publish tab, click Upload from Folder.
    Analyst's Notebook displays the Upload Charts from Folder dialog.
  2. Specify the path to a folder that contains the charts you want to upload to the Chart Store.
    From this dialog you can click the checkboxes to Include subfolders in your upload, and Add Chart Store identifiers to chart files. When you add identifiers, Analyst's Notebook maintains relationships between the charts on disk and the charts in the store. These relationships drive the version control mechanism, for example.
  3. Click Edit to provide common information for the uploaded charts, such as notes, security settings, and property values.
  4. Click Upload to start the upload process.
    Analyst's Notebook displays a dialog that reports progress and provides the option to view a more detailed log file.
All the charts from your selected folders and subfolders are uploaded to the Chart Store. In the root folder of the upload, the BulkUploadSummary.log file lists the actions, status and record identifier for each uploaded chart. The BulkUploadSummary.log file indicates both successful uploads and errors if any uploads failed. Each folder that contains at least one uploaded chart gains a file named BulkChartUpload.dat. Analyst's Notebook uses the BulkChartUpload.dat files to ignore charts that have been successfully uploaded, should you want to run bulk upload from these folders again.