Uploading records to the Information Store

If you have access to the feature, you can upload new or edited records to the Information Store. You can upload individual records, all the records in the currently selected items, or records brought together by the unite function.

Your organization controls your ability to upload records based on the user groups that you belong to. If you need to upload records but you are unable to do so, contact your system administrator.

Uploading new or edited records to the Information Store is subject to some rules:

  • For records that have read-only properties in the Information Store, you can edit the copies on your chart, but you cannot upload them. You might be able to upload changes to notes and details of some read-only records.
  • For all other records in the Information Store, you can upload new records or edits to records. If you have access to them, you can also delete notes.
  • If there are changes to the record in the Information Store, you cannot upload your edits; the upload is blocked. Records must be up to date with the latest changes from the Information Store before you can upload them.
  • If you have selected united records on your chart, they are uploaded to the Information Store as separate records.
  • If your deployment contains both an Information Store and the i2 Connect gateway, you might be working with some records that are not aligned to the Information Store schema. The Record Inspector displays the "Unaligned" badge beneath the record label, while unaligned records are counted in the record bar beneath the ribbon menu. In the Upload Records window, you are told if there are records it is not possible to upload.
  1. Select the chart items whose records you want to upload.
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Share Records group, click Upload Records.
    The Upload Records window opens with details of how many records will be uploaded, any records that cannot be uploaded, and reasons why.
  3. To upload the records that can be uploaded, click Upload.

If a record could not be uploaded, it might be because there are changes to the record in the Information Store. When you close the Upload Records window, the records are marked Upload blocked in the Record Inspector. You can use Get Changes in the Share Records group to get the changes to these records from the Information Store, then you can upload your edits.