Get matches

You can use the Get Matches function in Analyst's Notebook to compare the records on your chart with records in the Information Store.

You might have records on your chart that match with records in the Information Store. It might be useful to know more about real world objects and relationships that are known to the system, even if you do not want to unite or merge the chart records at this stage of your analysis. Get Matches is a form of system matching that compares the records on your chart with the Information Store and identifies possible matches. If matching records are identified, you can either unite the entity records, or merge the link records on your chart.
Note: Link records can match only when their end records are contained by the same pair of entities.
To find records that match with the Information Store:
  1. On the chart, select the chart items that you want to check for matches.
  2. Click the Home tab of the ribbon, and then in the Search Information Store group, click Get Matches.
    The Matching Records Found dialog displays the number of matches found for system governed and analyst governed records. You can see if they are entity records or link records, and the resulting action if you decide to proceed with getting the matches. You also see a warning message if the server exceeds the limit of the number of records that can be returned per seed. You could use Find Matching Records to reduce the number of records per seed before running Get Matches.
  3. Click Continue to unite the matched entity records on the chart, or click Cancel to return to the chart. If you decide not to proceed with getting matched records, the chart records with matches are not updated but are selected. Matching link records from the Information Store are copied to the chart. You can use Find Matching Records to examine these matches, and merge them if required.
    Note: It is possible for links between entity records to be lost, for example if an Information Store record matched with two linked chart records. Although this situation is unlikely, you can use Find Matching Records to resolve potential duplication before running Get Matches.