Working with notes in a record

Notes provide a way to add free-form operational data to i2 Analyze records in the Information Store. If you have access to the feature, then you can view the notes on any i2 Analyze record. If you have write access to a record, then you can add to, edit, and delete the notes that it contains.

Your organization controls access to notes based on the user groups that you belong to. If you need to use notes but you do not see the Notes tab in the Record Inspector, contact your system administrator.

Analyst's Notebook treats notes like the other properties of i2 Analyze records. If you update a record in a chart item with changes from the Information Store, any new notes from the store are added to the record. If you delete a note and upload the record, the note is deleted from the record in the Information Store.

In the Record Inspector, notes are sorted by when they were first uploaded, with the most recent note at the top of the list.

To add or edit a note:
  1. Ensure that the record that you want to edit is displayed in the page view of the Record Inspector.
  2. Click the Notes tab.
  3. If the record has no notes, you can create one by typing into the empty field.
  4. If the record already has notes, you can click New to add a note, or click an existing note to edit it.

    The note is added to (or updated in) the record in the chart item, along with information about who added or edited the note, and when it was added or edited.

  5. To delete a note, select Actions (Actions) next to the note, and then click Delete.
When you complete your edits, upload the affected records to the Information Store. For more information about uploading records, see Uploading records to the Information Store.