Redeploying and resetting i2 Analyze

Most changes to the configuration of i2 Analyze require you to redeploy the system. During development, it is common to clear data from Information Store, or to remove the Information Store and re-create it.

Significant changes to the Information Store schema or the security schema of an i2 Analyze deployment usually invalidate the information in the Information Store, or even the store itself. As you develop your schemas, you often need either to remove and re-ingest your test data, or to remove and re-create the store.

After any change to the toolkit configuration of a deployment of i2 Analyze, you must redeploy in order to update to the running deployment.

Performing these actions in sequence is common before in your development environments, but rare in production. If you do run them in sequence, the combination effectively resets the system to its just-deployed state.

You might also need to reset a deployment of i2 Analyze to its just-installed state. For example, if you completed an example deployment and then want to start developing a production deployment on the same hardware.