Information Store

The Information Store is a secure, structured store for intelligence data that analysts and other users can search and visualize. i2 Analyze provides services that enable bulk and targeted create, retrieve, update, and delete operations on Information Store data. In deployments that include it, the Information Store also fulfills the functions of the Chart Store.

Records in the Information Store can be loaded automatically from data sources external to i2 Analyze, or they can be imported or created by individual Analyst's Notebook Premium users. To cope with the different requirements of bulk and targeted operations, the store distinguishes between system- and analyst-governed data:

  • System-governed data is loaded into the Information Store in bulk. i2 Analyze includes a toolkit that accelerates the process of extracting and transforming data from external sources and loading it into the Information Store. You can arrange for correlation to take place during this process, and for subsequent loads from the same source to update or delete data that the Information Store has seen before.

  • Analyst-governed data is added to the Information Store through Analyst's Notebook Premium, when users upload records that they've imported or created directly on their charts. To optimize that process, i2 Analyze provides matching functionality, so that users are alerted when records that they create match records that are already in the Information Store.

Subject to authorization, Analyst's Notebook Premium users can modify analyst-governed records in the Information Store, but system-governed records are read-only. Apart from that distinction, all records in the Information Store can searched for, compared, and analyzed in exactly the same way, regardless of governance.

Users of the i2 Investigate and i2 Notebook web clients cannot modify any records in the Information Store, but they can search for and visualize records from the store using the tools that those applications provide.

To understand the structure of data in the Information Store, see The i2 Analyze data model. To learn how to deploy i2 Analyze with the Information Store, see Creating an example with an Information Store and Creating a production deployment. For more information about using the ETL toolkit to populate the Information Store with system-governed data, see Ingesting data into the Information Store.