Adding data to the Information Store

After you populate the staging tables and write ingestion mappings, you can use toolkit commands to instruct the Information Store to ingest or update the records that represent external data. The Information Store keeps a log of all such instructions that you can review to determine the success or failure of each one.

The commands in the i2 Analyze deployment and ETL toolkits make it possible for you to create, update, and delete records in the Information Store. All three operation types are controlled by the data in the staging tables and the mappings in the ingestion mapping files.

After any operation that uses toolkit commands to change the contents of the Information Store, you can examine ingestion reports to determine how successful the operation was.

As described in Information Store data ingestion, there are 2 different import modes that you can use to ingest your data. Before you run the ingestion commands, ensure that you use the correct import mode for the data that you want to ingest. Remember that this might differ depending on the item type that you are ingesting or ingestion mapping that you are using.