Deployment log files

i2 Analyze produces logging information about deployment tasks and the transactions that take place when the system is operational. After deployment, you can check these logs to help diagnose potential issues.

The following types of logged information are available for you to review:

Deployment logs
Each time that you run the setup command, a log file is created in the deployment toolkit. The messages in these logs describe which tasks were called, whether the tasks completed successfully, and the details of any issues that occurred.

These log files contain the same information as the console output. You can find them in the toolkit\configuration\logs directory.

Liberty logs
In addition to the information in the deployment logs, extra information that relates to the application server is also logged in deploy\wlp\usr\servers\opal-server\logs.
The directory contains the following log files that you might use to help troubleshoot any issues:
The console.log file contains basic server status and operation messages, which are also displayed on the console.
The messages.log file contains messages from Liberty.
The ffdc.log file contains Fist Failure Data Capture (FFDC) output from Liberty components (for example the database drivers that typically include selective memory dumps of diagnostic data).
The IBM_i2_Alert_Scheduler.log contains messages that record when the scheduled operations for saved Visual Queries run.
The IBM_i2_Analysis_Repository.log file contains messages that are intercepted by log4j from the i2 Analyze application.
The IBM_i2_General.log file contains any messages that are intercepted by log4j, but not from the i2 Analyze application.
The IBM_i2_Solr_Cluster_Status.log file contains entries for changes to the state of the Solr clusters in your deployment.
The IBM_i2_Connect_Async_Query.log file contains messages for failures or issues related to asynchronous queries from i2 Connect connectors.
The IBM_i2_Update_Live_Configuration.log file contains messages that are displayed in the console when you run the updateLiveConfiguration toolkit task or use the admin/reload endpoint.
The IBM_Solr.log file contains messages that are directly from Solr and ZooKeeper.
Solr logs
By default, information that relates to Solr is logged in deploy\solr\server\logs\<node port>.