The previewDeleteProvenance and deleteProvenance tasks

To update the Information Store for deleted data in an external source, you update the Information Store by using staging tables and the deployment toolkit.

In the i2 Analyze deployment toolkit, you can use the previewDeleteProvenance and deleteProvenance toolkit tasks to update the Information Store. If you are using the ETL toolkit, you use the ingestInformationStoreRecords command with different import modes. For more information about using the ETL toolkit to remove provenance, see ETL toolkit.

Because the delete process might cause significant numbers of i2 Analyze records to be deleted, two commands are provided. The first command previews the effect of running the second command before you commit to doing so. In the deployment toolkit, the two commands have different names but the same syntax:
setup -t previewDeleteProvenance
      -p importMappingsFile=ingestion_mapping_file
      -p importMappingId=ingestion_mapping_id
setup -t deleteProvenance
      -p importMappingsFile=ingestion_mapping_file
      -p importMappingId=ingestion_mapping_id
      -p importLabel=ingestion_label
      -p importConfigFile=ingestion_settings_file
      -p logConnectedLinks
      -p importMode=BULK_DELETE

Here, ingestion_mapping_file is the path to the XML file that contains the mapping that you want to use, and ingestion_mapping_id is the identifier of the mapping within that file. The latter is mandatory unless the file contains only one mapping.

The other parameters are optional:

  • When you specify importLabel, ingestion_label is a name that identifies a particular use of the command in the Information Store's IS_Public.Ingestion_Deletion_Reports view.
  • When you specify importConfigFile, ingestion_settings_file is the path to a settings file that contains name=value pairs. You can refer to names in the settings file from references in the ingestion mapping file to use their values when you run the ingestInformationStoreRecords command.
  • When you specify logConnectedLinks, any links that are removed as part of an entity delete operation are logged in IS_Public.D<import identifier><entity type id>_<link type id>_Links tables. For example, IS_Public.D20180803090624143563ET5_LAC1_Links.

    You can specify logConnectedLinks when you do not specify importMode only.

  • When you specify importMode, you can set it to BULK_DELETE. BULK_DELETE mode can be used to delete provenance that does not contribute to a correlated record. If you do not specify importMode, the standard delete process is used.