Configuring analyst-created source references

Analysts can create source references on i2 Analyze records and charts by using the Record Inspector or Chart Inspector in Analyst's Notebook Premium. By default, analysts can use any values for the source reference name and type, but you can restrict the values that are available for them to use.

It is recommended that you configure analyst-created source references in your configuration development environment before you implement them in your production environment.
You can restrict the values that analysts can specify for the source name and source type for each item type and for charts. Analysts can provide single-line string values, or you can define selected-from or suggested-from lists that they can choose from. You might choose to restrict the values that analysts can specify to improve the quality of the source references in a system. By enforcing selected-from lists, you can ensure consistent names within your system.

If you follow this procedure in a deployment that provides high availability, you must complete each step on every Liberty server in your environment before you move to the next step.

  1. Enable the use of the source reference schema.
    1. Create your source-reference-schema.xml file XML schema file in the configuration\fragments\opal-services\WEB-INF\classes directory.
    2. Specify your source reference schema file name as the value for the SourceReferenceSchemaResource property in the configuration\fragments\opal-services\WEB-INF\classes\ file.
      For example:
  2. Modify the source reference schema configuration file.
    1. Open your XSD aware XML editor. For more information see Setting up your XSD aware XML editor.
      The associated XSD file is: toolkit\scripts\xsd\SourceReferenceSchema.xsd.
    2. In your XML editor, open your source-reference-schema.xml file.
    3. Using the reference and example information, modify the file to define the values that analysts can use.
  3. Update the deployment with your changes. On the Liberty server, in a command prompt navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory:
    setup -t deployLiberty
    setup -t startLiberty
  4. Test the source reference schema that you created.
    1. In Analyst's Notebook Premium, use the Record Inspector or Chart Inspector to create source references on records and charts.
      In Analyst's Notebook Premium, you must log out and log in again to see your changes.
    2. Ensure that the values that analysts can use meet your requirements.
Complete this process as many times as necessary until the source reference schema meets your requirements.