Connections between components of i2 Analyze

Depending on your deployment pattern, i2 Analyze connections can involve the client, the HTTP server, Liberty, the database management system, Solr, and ZooKeeper. You can choose to secure connections by using SSL.

The physical architecture and the network topology of an i2 Analyze deployment determine how appropriate it is to use SSL to secure its connections. For example, if two parts of the deployment are on a single server that you physically control, then the need for SSL to secure the connection between them might be reduced. If your deployment contains a firewall, then you might need to weigh the benefits of inspecting traffic against the benefits of encrypting it.

Note: To enable access to i2 Analyze through the i2 Notebook web client, you must use SSL to secure the connection between the browser and the HTTP server. i2 Notebook requires the HTTPS protocol.

The following diagram shows the connections in a deployment that you can use SSL to secure:

Block diagram of i2 Analyze components and five connection points to secure.

The numbered connections in the diagram are as follows:

  1. The connections between the clients and the HTTP server.
  2. The connection between the HTTP server and Liberty.
  3. The connections between Liberty, ZooKeeper, and Solr.
  4. The connection between Liberty and the database management system.

To secure connection 2, you must first secure connection 1. To secure connections 3 and 4, you must first secure connections 1 and 2.