Testing your deployment

In your test environment, complete the comprehensive testing of the system that is required to prove that the deployment is ready for production.

Create a test charter that contains a list of tests that you can use to verify that your deployment is ready for production.

In your test environment, you should use real data at a representative volume.

  1. Create the test charter.
    Focus your test charter in the following areas that are applicable to your deployment:
    • Data ingestion into the Information Store
    • Data deletion from the Information Store
    • Data acquisition from external sources
    • Searching and analyzing data
    • Storing and retrieving charts in the Chart Store
    • Performance of the system
    • Backup and recovery of the system
    • High availability and continuous operations after server failure
After you create a test charter for your deployment, you can start your testing.
  1. Complete each test in your charter, and record if the deployment passed or failed each test.
  2. If any of the tests fail, return to your development or pre-production environment and change the configuration. Then, deploy the same change to the test environment and repeat the testing.

After you test i2 Analyze sufficiently, you can move to the production phase. Keep your test environment in place, so that you can access the configuration directory in later phases of the production process and continue to test any changes to your configuration.

Next, complete the instructions in Production environment.