The topology.xml file

In the deployment toolkit, the topology file defines the physical architecture of the finished deployment, and the components that make up the pieces of that architecture. The topology file contains domain-specific information that you must provide before deployment can take place.

The topology.xml file contains the information that the setup script requires to identify the prerequisites that are being used, where the components of the system are located, and the fragments to combine to create the application.

The topology.xml file contains distinct sections for defining different aspects of a deployment.

A definition of each data source that is available within the deployment. For more information, see Data sources.
The names, types, and locations of the databases that i2 Analyze uses to store data. For more information, see Databases.
The applications that comprise this deployment of i2 Analyze, and the locations of the application servers on which they are to be installed. For more information, see Applications.
zookeepers and solr-clusters
The ZooKeeper hosts and Solr clusters that are used in this deployment. For more information, see Solr and ZooKeeper.
The connectors that are used with the i2 Connect gateway in this deployment. For more information, see Connectors.

After you update the topology file, you can either modify other aspects of the deployment toolkit or redeploy the system to update the deployment with any changes. For more information about redeploying your system, see Redeploying Liberty.