Setting default dimension values

When users create i2 Analyze records in Analyst's Notebook Premium, i2 Analyze applies a default set of dimension values to the record. Similarly, when the Information Store ingests data, the created records receive dimension values during the process.

You might change the default security dimension values that are applied to records for different reasons:
  • If you change the dimensions or dimension values in your security schema.
  • If the security requirements of your deployment change.
Regardless of your reason for changing the default security dimension values, or when the values are applied, each record must have at least one dimension value from each security dimension.
If you follow this procedure in a deployment that provides high availability, you must complete each step on every Liberty server in your environment before you move to the next step.
  1. Using an XML editor, open the security schema for the deployment.

    The security schema is in the toolkit\configuration\fragments\common\WEB-INF\classes\ directory. The name of the security schema is specified in the DynamicSecuritySchemaResource property of the file in the same directory.

  2. Update the value of the <DefaultSecurityDimensionValues> element with a comma separated list of identifiers of security dimension values that you want to be applied by default.
    For example, <DefaultSecurityDimensionValues>CON,OSI,HI</DefaultSecurityDimensionValues>.

    In a standard deployment of i2 Analyze, a supplied implementation of the DefaultSecurityDimensionValuesProvider that applies dimension values from the <DefaultSecurityDimensionValues> element is used. You can create your own implementation that does not use these values by using i2 Analyze Developer Essentials.

  3. When data is ingested into the Information Store, the records that it contains receive their security dimension values during the ingestion process.
    To change the behavior of the ingestion process, update the contents of the <securityDimensionValues> element in the mapping file with the identifiers of security dimension values that you want to be applied by default. For more information about updating the default security dimension values that are applied during ingestion, see Information Store data ingestion.
  4. In a command prompt, navigate to the toolkit\scripts directory.
  5. Stop Liberty:
    setup -t stopLiberty
  6. Update the i2 Analyze application:
    setup -t deployLiberty
  7. Start Liberty:
    setup -t startLiberty