Updating the schema and the charting scheme

In the schema development environment, you can quickly deploy your changes to the schema and the charting scheme. Use this environment to develop the schema and charting scheme for your production deployment.

Develop a schema and an associated charting scheme to meet your data requirements. Then update your schema development environment with the modified schema and charting scheme.
  1. In i2 Analyze Schema Designer, modify the schema that is deployed in your schema development environment.
    For information about creating or modifying your schema files, see Creating schemas and Charting schemes.
After you modify your schema, update the deployment with your changes.
  1. Update and redeploy the system:
    setup -t updateConnectorsConfiguration
  2. Start i2 Analyze:
    setup -t restartLiberty
  3. Test the changes to the schema and charting scheme by connecting to your deployment in Analyst's Notebook Premium and modeling representative data on the chart by using the Gateway palette.
Repeat this process until the schema and the charting scheme meet your requirements. When your schema development is complete, store your schema and charting scheme files in a version control system.

This is not the final chance to modify the schema, but it should now contain all the entity and link types that you require, and most of the property types.

When you are satisfied with the schema, develop the security schema for the deployment. For more information, see Updating the security schema.