The health/live endpoint

The api/v1/health/live REST endpoint returns the status of the i2 Analyze application running on a Liberty server.

The api/v1/health/live endpoint can return one of two possible responses:
  • 200 The application is UP and handling requests.
  • 503 The application is DOWN and not handling requests.

When the endpoint is called, the application checks whether it can connect to ZooKeeper, Solr, and the database management system if your deployment uses one. If it can connect to all of the components, the endpoint returns 200. This means that you can route client requests to this Liberty server.

If the application fails to connect to a component, the endpoint returns 503. The Liberty server cannot process client requests.

The endpoint also returns 503 until the application completes the start process.

When you configure a load balancer for use in a high availability deployment, it should use the api/v1/health/live endpoint to determine which servers to send requests to. For more information, see Deploying a load balancer.