An i2 Analyze deployment that includes the i2 Connect gateway enables you to connect to external data sources.

The topology.xml file for a deployment that includes the opal-server application with the opal-services-is-daod or opal-services-daod WARs includes the <connectors> element. The <connectors> element defines the connectors that are used in a deployment.


The <connectors> element contains one or more child <connector> elements. The <connector> element can have the following attributes:
Attribute Description
id A unique identifier that is used to identify the connector.
name The name of the connector, which is presented to users.
base-url The URL to the connector, made up of host name and port number. For example, https://host name:port number.

You can use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

configuration-url The URL to any configuration that is required for the connector. The default value for the configuration-url attribute is /config.

The presence of the attribute in the topology.xml file is optional. If it is not present, the default value is used.

gateway-schema The short name of the gateway schema whose item types the connector can use, overriding any setting in the connector configuration. This attribute is optional; when present its value must match one of the settings in
schema-short-name The short name by which the connector schema for the connector is known in the rest of the deployment, overriding any setting in the connector configuration.

Use this optional attribute to avoid naming collisions, or to change the name that users see in client software.

After a successful deployment, the topology.xml file in the daod-opal, chart-storage-daod, and information-store-daod-opal example configurations contains the following <connectors> definition:
  <connector id="example-connector" name="Example"
             base-url="http://localhost:3700/" />