Backing up a deployment

In a production deployment of i2 Analyze, use a tested backup and restore procedure to ensure that you can recover from failures. The various components of i2 Analyze must be backed up for complete backup coverage.

About this task

The following steps describe the process of backing up a deployment of i2 Analyze by using the provided toolkit tasks. You do not need to back up every component by using the toolkit tasks. For example, you can use the toolkit task to back up Solr and use existing processes to back up the database. Regardless of the mechanism that you use to back up the components, you must take the Solr backup before the database backup.

The configuration and Solr backups can be completed while the deployment is running. For more information, see:

When you use the toolkit task to back up the database, you must stop the deployment first. To perform an online backup of the database, see the documentation for your database management system. For more information about backing up the database using the toolkit, see: Back up and restore the database.

Run each toolkit command from a Liberty server in your deployment.


  1. In the file, specify the locations where the toolkit creates the backup files.

    backup.config.location.dirThe location where the i2 Analyze configuration backups are created and restored from. This location must exist on the Liberty server where you run the backupConfiguration command.

    backup.solr.location.dirThe location where the Solr index and ZooKeeper configuration backups are created and restored from. This location must be accessible by every Solr node in your deployment.

    backup.db.location.dirThe location where the database backups are created and restored from. The user that is specified in the file for your database management system must have write permissions to this location. This location must be accessible on the database server.

    For example:

  2. To back up the i2 Analyze and Liberty configuration, run the following command from a Liberty server.In a deployment with high availability, run this command on each Liberty server.

    setup -t backupConfiguration
  3. To back up the Solr search index, run the following command from a Liberty server:

    setup -t backupSolr
  4. To back up the database in your deployment by using the toolkit task, you must stop the application first, and ensure that there are no other connections to the database, then run the backup command. In a deployment that contains multiple Liberty servers, you must run the stopLiberty command on every Liberty server.

    setup -t stopLiberty
    setup -t backupDatabases
    setup -t startLiberty